Beds - PetzPodz - Revolution Pack - The Den For Your Dog!
Beds - PetzPodz - Revolution Pack - The Den For Your Dog!
Beds - PetzPodz - Revolution Pack - The Den For Your Dog!
Beds - PetzPodz - Revolution Pack - The Den For Your Dog!
Beds - PetzPodz - Revolution Pack - The Den For Your Dog!
Beds - PetzPodz - Revolution Pack - The Den For Your Dog!


PetzPodz - Revolution Pack - The Den for your Dog!


PETZPODZ - Tried, tested, recommended & used daily by Rescues, Vets and Behavioural specialists!  The world's first replicated Den environment created to appeal to your dog's natural instincts. A safe and insulated haven for your dog and a super soft and cosy alternative to a crate. Don't see it as a crate; consider it a bedroom!

PetzPodz is the answer to your dog homing needs, recommended by vets and experts whether it’s new puppies for essential dog crate/house training, adults with anxiety issues, or just a funky place for them to relax, a PetzPodz will provide a secure and versatile home, which is built to last a lifetime!  

And if they want a PetzBedz, an electric blanket to be extra cozy, or even a webcam to keep in contact with you, they can have that too, as the PetzPodz has been specially designed for these features over and above the brilliant basics you'd expect in a premier product of this kind.

  • For comfort, safety and wellbeing of pets at home and on the move
  • Used by Dogs Trust and recommended for all new puppy or adult dog owners
  • Open front or with Grill or Flap 
  • Unique access feature making maintenance easy and hassle free
  • No assembly and are ready for use the minute you take them out of the box
  • UV stabilized moulded plastic to ensure many years of fade free use
  • Ventilation via air vents and drainage holes in the base for air circulation and easy cleaning
  • Double wall insulated to ensure petz are kept cosy in the winter and cool during summer
  • Specially designed security clips on outside of Podz for ease of use
  • Handles at the front and side, a side latch, ventilation holes and feet on the bottom for elevation and air flow.
  • Electric cable slot (useful if you are also purchasing the heated mat) and peg holes for securing it to the ground, should these features be required
  • Made in the UK and built to last a LIFETIME 
  • All PetzPodz come with great, step by step advice from behavioural specialists

Revolution Pack includes: 

1 x PetzPodz 
1 x Colour Matching, Dual cushioned & machine washable PetzBedz
1 x Removable 2 stage Flap Pack

  • Medium L803 X H824 X687mm
  • Large L966 X W974 X 820mm

Curves for Calm!

Squares and rectangles are not shapes for Dogs, they respond far better to curves and a PetzPodz will be a identified by your dog as a calm and tranquil area which they can relax and sleep on their owns terms, anytime. We believe that because of this added safety and secure surroundings that your dog will enjoy better quality of sleep and rest which in turn will be beneficial to its health and happiness.

PetzPodz continue to work alongside rescues and behavioural specials in the UK and they all agree Dogs of all ages and backgrounds are calmer and more content after being introduced to a PetzPodz

Podz Training Tips:

Here's some tips from behaviour specialist Jez Roze...


Purchasing advice:

Please ensure all items are carefully considered before purchase. We strongly recommend you measure out the PetzPodz according to the measurements given above and measure the space you intend to use for the crate. In the unlikely event of a return or exchange, the item must be returned in all its original PetzPodz packaging, including pallets where applicable, to avoid damage during transit. You are responsible for returns but we'd like to work with you during your purchase to get your size and accessories right first time.

Please email us to ensure you get expert advice during your purchase, which has the added security of a 30 day money back guarantee!

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