Travel - Carrier Keeper
Travel - Carrier Keeper
Travel - Carrier Keeper


Kurgo Carrier Keeper - Sale!

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Many cats and dogs enjoy using their crate at home, and in the car. The Carrier Keeper allows you to buckle up your dog while they are still in their favourite carrier to keep them secure while you drive, free of distraction.

Best of all it works with any carrier that fits on your car seat, utilising the car's seatbelt as a restraint. You simply slip the seat belt through both carrier keeper straps and then follow with your seat carrier or crate.

Once everything is snug, you and your dog are ready to ride without compromising any of those original carrier comforts. No slip adjusters so you can be sure it is secure for the whole ride. Compatible with all seat belts and carriers.

Easy release with push of button. Straps extend 8 ft from end to end.

Always check seatbelt straps and closures for damage or signs of wear before you leave for your trip. Make sure your dog always has proper ventilation and never leave them alone in your vehicle.

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