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Specially designed for old or injured dogs; for puppies that want to experience the great outdoors; and for those that want to hit the high street in comfort and style!  Our Strollers are also great for owners who aren't quite as steady on their feet as they used to be, giving them a bit more stability when walking their dogs (as well as somewhere to carry the shopping!).  

Our experience has been that a Stroller can truly transform the lives of customers and their doggies, whether in the town, park or country, or even when out cycling..! 

Benefits of a Stroller: 

  • For old and arthritic dogs who can no longer go on those family walks
  • And injured or poorly dogs recovering from operations
  • Great for puppies to experience the sights and sounds of their new world as early as possible
  • Safe for anxious or aggressive dogs to enable a level of social integration
  • Liberating for owners with walking difficulties
  • Great for cyclists as the Sporty allows your dog to join you on your bike ride! 

Happy Hotdogs is a leading UK supplier of Innopet Strollers and Buggies.  We can personally vouch for these great products having used them for our own dogs and worked with Innopet for over 6 years,  But, beyond that, after extensive work with customers and charities, we can give you insights that will give you confidence and assurance on the right choice for you and your doggy.  And you can come test drive a stroller at our New Forest base. Let's have a chat...

*Innopet Buggy Comfort Stroller with Air Tyres inc Raincover - £30 cashback after purchase


*Innopet Sporty Trailer / Stroller with Air Tyres inc Raincover (£39.00 cashback after purchase)


*Innopet Buggy Adventure (30Kg load, All Terrain) - £20 cashback after purchase - flash sale


*Innopet Mamut Stroller for dogs up to 50Kg - Inc Raincover, Shipping (£20 cashback after purchase)


Innopet Monaco Pet Stroller - (£14.00 cashback after purchase)


InnoPet Buggy Allure with Free Raincover And Free Shipping (£10.00 cashback after purchase)


*InnoPet Buggy Avenue - with free raincover and free shipping (£10 cashback after purchase)


Innopet Sporty Evolution V2.0 - All Terrain Dog Stroller/Bike Trailer - £38.00 cashback after purchase


Thinking about a Stroller? Watch this lovely ad for a Sporty...

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