• Beauty & the Beach! Happy Xmas from Bruno...

    We have the pleasure of looking after our friend Bruno -the beautiful 'Labradinger'- for Christmas and New Year whilst his family take a once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand for an extremely special family event.  On a recent day out down Witterings Beach in Chichester, we thought we'd capture his moments in order to send a little Christmas cheer to his humans on the other side of the world!   Hope you like it!  
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  • Naughty Norman saves Wilson from the river! In style!

    Just another day out with some of the Happy Hotdog regulars.  A walk by the river; scenic, peaceful, uneventful. But then, something is spotted in the river. On the surface, barely was Wilson...adrift off the banks of the mighty Titchfield River. Who could save him? The Retrievers? Nope! The King Charles? Nope! The WhippetX? Nope! What about the curly poodle type...Yep! Yes, Naughty Norman dives in and saves Wilson! And does it with elegance and style...enjoy :-)
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  • Barking Heads coming soon!

    In the next week, we'll be offering an extensive range of Barking Heads food products as well as more of the popular wet pouches.  In the meantime, if you haven't found your favourite online in our shop, or don't want to wait (and why should you :-)), just email as we can probably still sort your order out cheaper than your current supplier! And, of course, deliver it free if you live near our base in Hampshire. Happy Hotdogs Team x  
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  • Does your dog drive you mad in the car..?

    Did you know...? It is a legal requirement to restrain a dog in a vehicle. Highway Code - Rule 57 83% of people surveyed agree that having an unrestrained dog in a moving car can be dangerous yet only 16% of people restrain their dog in the car during travel.   See the products below from our range of in car gear that will help you both get to your destination safely. Simple, effective, safe
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  • Wake up and smell the Flowers! There's a new dog in town...

    Welcome to the new Happy Hotdogs website!  We're here to bring you a whole range of goodies for your dog, of course, but also for you!  After all, you're on the other end of that lead most cold mornings! And whilst we continue to get some great products and brands on board, we'd like your feedback on your experience of our new site so far.  Also, we really need input on what you'd like from us and what you'd like to see here...whether it's to beat the price of your current food, treat and toy supplier, or to go find...
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