• Strollers are life changing - they're not a fashion accessory! Here's Candy's story...

    Great to hear that Candy is still enjoying her stroller...shame that some people can't take a moment to see the bigger picture on how kind and transformational it is to enable your doggy to be with you in our great outdoors! We know our dogs are part of the family, and we'll go to the ends of the earth to keep them happy and comfortable...let's just hope those that are a little short-sighted out there, that don't see the love and compassion you have for Candy, have someone to care for them as they get older or a little more...
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  • Award Winning Happy Hotdogs!

    We're proud to announce that we've won the 2020 Prestige Southern Awards for Best Dog Care Store!  As a family business, we endeavour to offer an efficient service that's friendly and personal.  We try our best to be accessible, though with children, dogs, horses and chickens, we can't always answer the phone on the first ring :-). And we know our products!  You can chat with us, and ask our advice as we have years of experience and feedback from customers.  We're not a faceless can even visit us in the New Forest, lots of customers do!  It's a...
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  • A little insight to Innopet - experts in Pet Travel

    We've been working with Innopet for 5 years and they're a great company based in the Netherlands.  Have a look at our strollers and, if there's anything else on the Innopet website, we can get that for you too.. Enjoy x
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  • Ronnie - Border Terrier Chew Champion beaten by Planet Dog Ball!

    Thank you so much for the purple ball which arrived, much to Ronnie’s delight, this morning.  He hasn’t stopped playing with it since it arrived which of course means I can do nothing!! I attach a picture of some of his previous balls...all chewed up, all a disaster...but not with the new one, it's brilliant.  Thank you. Ronnie’s said: “WOW, a new ball.  Purple, bouncy, with a minty smell – what more could a dog want.  I know I will have hours of fun – it’s hard to chew and I love a good chew, but I think this one...
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