• Aster & Silk, courtesy of Laura

    Thanks for the awesome service Happy Hotdogs⭐️Silk & Aster in their 'just literally arrived' Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Harnesses! Silk definitely prefers it to her other bulkier harness and they both look very cute 💜 Also modelling the Ruffwear Flat Out Leash which I am a huge fan of. We've also bought the Ruffwear Coupler but Aster is a bit short for Silk so we need to make an attachment to give it more length on Aster's end 😂💗🐶
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  • Hotdogs keep Kobi cool!

    Kobi is Kathy's rescue border collie from Wales who competes in Agility competitions. Happy Hotdogs were delighted to supply Swamp Cooler Cooling Vests at 'rescue rates' to keep them cool during the summer competitions.  Cooling vest here:
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  • Dotty

    Stunning spaniel Dotty relaxing on one of our chairs:-) She's a Hotdogs' favourite!
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